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Noisy Bathroom Vent

I have a problem with my bathroom vent. It vents directly through the exterior wall of my house and has a small plastic "flapper" to keep air from going in when the fan is off. The problem is I live right near the shore of Lake Erie and the wind coming in off the lake is rediculously strong and on windy nights it makes the "flapper" bang back and forth constantly. It makes a terrible racket. I've checked out the wall caps they have at local hardware stores and they all seem to have the same basic design as the one I already have. So short of planting a tree outside I'm stuck. Has anyone else had a similar problem and come up with a solution?

Re: Noisy Bathroom Vent

Another idea may be to install a motorized damper.


Re: Noisy Bathroom Vent

The two above suggestions are excellent.

Here's another possibility.

For thru-the roof installs, the lower, curved portion of the vent is not used.


Re: Noisy Bathroom Vent

"Either way, what you want to do is create a counter weight that will hold the flap shut, while not being to heavy for the fan to open. It was easy to do and solved my problem."

Great Idea, Thanks! Its supposed to be fairly warm today so I might just have to try this.

Re: Noisy Bathroom Vent

I bought a "roll" of magnet at Home Depot (hardware aisle).
I glued (Gorilla glue) a 1" piece of magnet to the flapper, and another piece to the wall side of the vent. It holds the vent closed until the fan blows it open. Works great!

Be sure you get the polarity right on the magnets - if they repel each other, turn it around!

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