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noise reduction suggestions please

Hello, I moved into the home of my dreams or so I thought. It appears our only neighbors are motorheads and they have a race car, not just a supped up hot rod, a real dragster! something you would see on Pinks or one of those drag race shows. They have just about any kind of loud gas powered vehicle imaginable and no mufflers to be found. We are in a legal deadzone out where we live and I dont really have any legal recourse and I really like the neighbors a lot but the engine noise is so loud it takes away from all the good we thought we were going to get from this home. The home is due for new siding, so I am working up a budget for that but I really want to know what I can do to reduce this loud engine noise? I figured I could blow insulation into the walls but I was wondering if there is anything more that can be done? Are there any special types of siding? Could i put up another layer of wall? I dont need to do the entire home, but the side most affected is the side with the bedrooms so any suggestions are appreciated! I need some peace!

Re: noise reduction suggestions please

There are ways to reduce outside noise, but the noise that you described may be tough to control.
I once built a home near the Freeway, I used double 5/8" drywall with sound proofing in between, airport style sliders and triple thick windows. You could still hear the FWY noise.

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Re: noise reduction suggestions please

dj is right, there's only so much you can do but you can knock it down quite a bit.

i would strip the inside walls on that side of the house. install spray foam insulation, install sound board to the studs, install the rubber spacers followed by drywall and finish it off. also, they do make special triple glass insulated windows designed to reduce noise.

this will not be a cheap project but by doing this i bet you can cut out about 40%-60% of the noise

Re: noise reduction suggestions please

ok not the best news but thanks for the replies!

Re: noise reduction suggestions please

I once used a different approach. The over-loud neighbor worked second shift so he came home at midnight, and that's when he got drunk and played country music all night long. So my 80 watt home stereo speakers got turned toward the open windows facing him in the daytime with my rock and roll going full blast. A few days later he comes by asking me to turn it down. I said "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that I work days and your stereo might keep me awake", all done with a sly smile and a cold stare. Very confused he went simply back home and the problem ceased to exist thereafter :cool:


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