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noise in my plumbing

When I turn on the water in the sink and then turn it off I hear a noise from the water heater or a pipe hitting a wall? About my noise and a clunk sound. I looked further and noticed that the water level in my toilet tank is going down and the bowl level is coming up. I still get the noise at all times during the day and night of water running and then the noise. It sounds like the same sound in both instances.

Re: noise in my plumbing

Two different issues here.

First, check your toilet tank flapper. A faulty flapper allows some water to go down and when the level of water in the tank drops, the fill up valve lets new water into the tank to bring the water level to the predetermined level. That's the sound of water running and stopping around the clock.

The other noise issue, could be a result of loose pipes or water heater problem, so you have to identify the source of the noise more accurately.

Re: noise in my plumbing

As for the banging you could have a little air trapped in your water line, do you have a boiler ?

Re: noise in my plumbing

It sounds like a water hammer to me. Is it more intense when you turn the faucet off fast? If so you need to install a hammer arrestor.


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