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Noise control?



My husband, two toddlers, and I have lived in a side by side duplex in Anchorage, AK for the last year and a half. My husband has done extensive remodeling to make the home very attractive; however, the noise level between the two units is still a problem. We can hear our tenants in the other unit running water, flushing toilets, slamming doors, running down the steps, etc. They are actually very good tenants, just making everyday noises. What suggestions would you recommend to make it a more sound proof home between the two units? I would really appreciate your help.

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Re: Noise control?


When you say you live in a duplex & have tenants, I assume you OWN the property, since you have been doing a lot of recent remodeling.

If you have ownership of the building, you can explore soundproofing methods in your own duplex, & the duplex of the tenants.

Go to Google & enter "Sound proofing Projects", diy; or "Sound proofing Walls", diy.; also, "Sound-deadening methods", diy.

This will give you a list of sites that will give you further info as to methods you can use.

For example, quite often, another wall is constructed wtih 2 X 4 framing and sheetrock with pink blanket insulation heavily sandwiched in between the two walls, as well as stuffed between the new studs.

The new wall need only be several inches away from the present one to be effective in soundproofing the noise between the 2 apartments.

The physics of sound transmission in buildings has been shown to be transmitted in two ways: one way is a loud noise (a child yelling) that can be stopped by sound-absorbing material in the room where the child is yelling by having heavy carpeting on the floor, or even on the walls of the room, acoustic ceilings, etc.; in this case the child's sound waves are absorbed by the carpeting & ceiling,& never get to the hard wall surfaces, & are thus not transmitted into adjacent rooms.

The second source of adjacent room noise is impact noises, where someone is walking down stairs, pounding on the wall, a woman walking in high heels on a hardwood floor, etc.

These sound wave noises have to be DAMPENED by having sound-insulating materials between the hard walls in the room where the noise is made & the hard wall where the noise is heard, thus the concept of building a DAMPENING WALL between the duplexes.

Concentrate on the area of the tenant's apt. immediately adjacent to your apt. for best results.

Since this type of noise tends to get into the wood structure of the building, it can also be transmitted thru the ceiling, so often the ceilings have to be stuffed with pink blanket insulation or replaced with acoustic ceiling tiles in both apartments.

Also consult the home improvement books at the public library in the 643.7 numbering system for sections on sound proofing walls.

I'm sure other posters will add additional suggestions.

If all else fails, visit a recording studio in your area; recording studios have state of the art sound-proofing installations that have room noise control down to a fine art.

Construction companies in your area that build multiple-unit apartments (Yellow Pages) have noise control between adjacent apts. as a priority issue in their business; see if you can talk to some of their apt. designers.

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