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no water from frost proof hydrant

i have a frost proof hydrant adn when i open the valve no water will come out. so i dug down and i do see water exit from the bottom of the pipe. any ideas? ive googled the problem, but everyone always mentions it leaking not the other way around.


Re: no water from frost proof hydrant

From your question I think I understand that you have a leak in the pipe.

Is the leak going on all the time? If it does, first fix it. Then you can continue solving other issues.

Re: no water from frost proof hydrant

There is a self drainer on the bottom of the hydrant tube. If the water is squirting out under pressure when the handle is lifted you may have a blocked tube. The top unscrews from the tube and the stem can be removed. Be sure the water is turned off. Once the stem is removed turn the water on to flush out the tube. If you only get a small amount of water out of the drain, you may have a crushed water line or a leak in the line. If you have water squirting out of the side of the tube, then the hydrant had frozen and split the tube and you will need to replace the hydrant.


Re: no water from frost proof hydrant


I suspect there's a water shut off valve upstream of that frost proof hydrant somewhere. Someone's left that water shut off valve closed, so there's no water pressure at the frost proof hydrant.

Re: no water from frost proof hydrant

This diagram is similar to most of them:

Here's a more complex one:

My brother had a problem like you describe; in his case, the plunger (rubber "plug" at the bottom) had come unscrewed from the lift rod. In most cases, the hydrant can be repaired by unscrewing the head from the standpipe; you can get a repair kit that contains the common wear parts.

Re: no water from frost proof hydrant

ok cool thanks, im gonna try to get the head unscrewed this weekend i tried earlier with two pipe wrenches but it didnt budge, might need to get out the BFH :-P will let you what i find thanks everyone :)

also any tips on getting the top off?

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