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No water comes out of faucet

No water is coming out of the kitchen sink faucet; it only comes through the spray hose. I took off the top of the faucet and tried to pull out the diverter in order to clean it or replace it, but was unable to, apparently because it is fastened to the spray hose that comes up through the bottom. Since I couldn't remove it, I cleaned as much of the diverter as I could with vinegar to get rid of any mineral deposits. I reassembled the faucet but nothing had changed - I still had the same problem - all of the water through the spray hose and none through the faucet. I then thought that perhaps it was the spray hose attachment - that it was on a permanent "on" position and that is why all the water is being diverted to the spray hose, even though the spray hose attachment is only about two years old. I then asked my husband to go to the hardware store and pick up a new spray hose attachment, since they don't cost that much; that we could try changing that out before we resorted to calling a plumber. At the hardware store they told my husband that it was not the spray hose attachment, that it was probably a problem with a worn out diverter and that he should change the entire faucet mechanism for about $65. He returned home without buying either a new faucet set or spray hose attachment. I had this same problem about six months ago and solved the problem - I don't remember what I did, but after the previous incidence we have never used the spray hose, because I was planning on looking into the problem "one day." Well, that day came a couple of days ago when I barely pulled the spray hose out of it's opening because I was cleaning around it. What do you think - do I need to replace the entire faucet? Thank you.

Re: No water comes out of faucet


Have you tried unscrewing and cleaning the aerator?

This symptom is often caused by a dirty, clogged aerator, which is located at the end of the faucet spout & often gets clogged with dirt, etc.

First, crunch up some paper toweling & place it in the drain hole to avoid losing any small parts.

Take some scotch tape, or heavy black electrical tape & wrap a small length around the aerator to avoid scratching the chrome finish & use a pliers to counterclockwise turn the small aerator piece off the spout.

Try the faucet handle with the aerator off the faucet---if you get a full flow, clean the aerator with an old toothbrush & vinegar & re-attach.


Re: No water comes out of faucet

If replacing the diverter didnt work and the aereator is clear then the only option is to replace. something could be jammed in the spout

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