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dean davis
no pressure bath sink

i have zero water pressure in bath sink hot or cold.tub and toilet are fine .what can i do to find the problem?:confused:

A. Spruce
Re: no pressure bath sink

have you removed the aerator and cleaned it lately?

A. Spruce
Re: no pressure bath sink

If the aerator is clean, then it could be larger debris stuck inside the valve. Before going any further, however, another simple check is to make sure the supply lines have been fully turned on. Open them all the way counter clockwise, then back in about a 1/4 turn.

Still have a problem? Turn off supply, disassemble valves and check for debris or damage. Clean, repair, or replace as necessary. It may help to Google your faucet and find the manufacturer's repair guide and exploded view of the faucet.

Re: no pressure bath sink

Not to hijack your thread but I am looking at purchasing an older home and have found that you can not run both showers at the same time or the water pressure drops to nothing. Is this an indication of clogged water supply lines somewhere in the house. Thanks.

Rodney H
Re: no pressure bath sink

Yep, it sounds like a plugged aerator to me, either clean it, or simply buy a new one, if it has been on the faucet for many years. Sometimes the screens corrode shut, so cleaning can be hopeless.

Enjoy your Christmas.

Re: no pressure bath sink

New aerators are less than $10. You should see if this helps or but one just to have at hand in your home.

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