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No Power Beyond GFCI

I have power to the GFCI outlet and it triggers and trips normally, but suddenly today there is no power beyond it to the normal outlets that it protects. No breaker is tripped. The other oddity is that the indicator light on the GFCI does not glow when the outlet is reset. Is this a case of a failed GFCI that needs to be replaced or is it something else?



Re: No Power Beyond GFCI

From here (the seat in front of the computer) it looks like this receptacle is bad. Get a good quality replacement and see if it solves your problem.

Re: No Power Beyond GFCI

Switch the GFCI receptacle temporarily with a non GFCI receptacle and see if the problem persists. If yes, check all of your splices from the panel to that point and then beyond that point. If no, get a new GFCI receptacle. They do go bad.

I recently had a similar issue pop up where my spliced ground wires were loose but not disconnected. My receptacle tester showed it was normal, but the light that indicated active ground was just a little dim. Changed the wire nut and all was well.

Re: No Power Beyond GFCI

It sounds like a failed GFI to me too. They can be temperamental. Spend the few extra dollars for a better one.

Re: No Power Beyond GFCI

When you remove the existing GFI, make sure you pay attention which wires are connected to "input" and which are connected to "output."

If you reinstall them backwards, things just aren't going to work right.

John freeman
Re: No Power Beyond GFCI

Sounds like a bad GFCI. The Chinese are in this market so be careful. If you're only buying one then buy a Leviton. Leviton is a manufacturer of quality electrical devices. Hubble is better but Leviton is what you're going to find at Home Depot. When I was a contractor I only installed Leviton GFCI receptacles. Eagle and Bryant are good names too.

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