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No one is watering the grass?

No one in my neighborhood is watering the grass. Everyone's front yard is completetly dead. Since no one else is watering, we are not watering either. Is it considered "not green" or something to water your grass? Does this have something to do with gas prices? Just wondering what is the deal and whether or not it is politically correct to water your lawn.

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Re: No one is watering the grass?

Perhaps their sprinklers are broken.

Pernaps they hate moving the sprinkler ever 20 or 30 minutes, (I know I do.)

Perhaps your neighbors realize that there are far better things to do with water, you know like golf courses and Las Vegas water fountains!

Perhaps none of your neighbors can really afford the water.

Or perhaps they're all people who were part of that mass exodus of Californians who threw up their hands after the dot com bubble burst and "Went Mad" and they're used to droughts that happen about every ten years where we run the gammut from suggestions to ordinances enforcing watering outside of daylight hours, water in restaurants served only on request, no washing cars except on your lawn and no hosing off your driveways, limited water pumping from the Sacramento river delta to protect endangered species of fish.

Have you asked them?

Re: No one is watering the grass?

As opposed to where I live where "chem lawn" is king, I am jealous. We are clogging up the local ponds with algae due to the fertilizers. You spend more time cutting grass that grows wild from the fertilizers & you are constantly fighting weeds

Re: No one is watering the grass?

Found the answer -- I heard on our local news that our water supply is dangerously low to the point that they might actually constrict the hours that we are able to use water... why? we haven't gotten much rain, but I live in WI not CA or the desert... maybe it's bad management of our resources.

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Re: No one is watering the grass?

Hey, Renoir

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