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No longer can post in a thread I made

I created a thread a while back looking for advice and have been actively corresponding with several member on here. I attempted to respond to a post a few days ago when something flashed across my screen and my post didn't show up. I thought I had done something wrong so I went back and edited it multiple times and resubmitted. I was finally able to read the message that flashed across my screen and it said my post had to be reviewed by a moderator.

After, looking around the support forum I learned it should of been reviewed within the next day or so. It's now been few days and my post still hasn't appeared.

How do I get my post to, well, post?


Re: No longer can post in a thread I made

Not sure what happened the moderation symbol did not show up on my display. I have approved your post so you should be able to see it now and I removed the 4 duplicate posts you made. If you get a moderation message do not repost it. When you want to post a thank you user indicate the users names for their help without multiple quotes. I can only guess that with so many duplicate post that required moderation the system locked you out of the thread.


Re: No longer can post in a thread I made

Thanks. The moderation message flashes by so fast that I was unable to read it the first few times and just assumed it was telling me I made a mistake with my original post. It wasn't until the last time I posted that I was able to read the moderation message.

Re: No longer can post in a thread I made

Good (re: not sending repeat posts). I've got a post waiting in the wings; was wondering what that fleeting text message said, though I caught the word "moderation." Hey, everything in moderation, right? :)

From a mathematical standpoint, I understand the delays, given the popularity of TOH vs. the number of moderators that aren't full-time editors.

The ones to blame of course are those bleepin' spammers! Aargh! If they want to make mischief, why can't they do something useful like disrupt the communications of ISIS or kiddie-**** lowlifes - and leave us alone?

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