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Re: No hot water
Shaun 007 wrote:

He lit the pilot light ..........

lol, not the gas supply but the water supply from the water heater to the house. Or in the case of a flexible pipe, is there a kink in it? Sorry about the confusion.

Shouldn't there be a shut off from the main water source to the tank and from the tank to the house? That would have made the water leak in my WH closet a lot easier to deal with. My husband was supposed to have installed one when he replaced the pipe.

Re: No hot water
YukYuk wrote:


There shouldn't be a shut off on the hot water side of a water heater vessle to the house plumbing. Vacuum breaker on the cold side and a shut off yes, expansion tank on the hot side, yes, possibly a tempering valve on the hot side, yes, but never a shut off on the hot water side and never any obstruction from the TPRV and its relief path.

that makes sense, afterall if you need to work on the tank you'll probably empty it and no water would be in the pipe to the house after that.

Re: No hot water

Go back and recheck the gas valves you might have turned off and be sure they'er fully on. Turn the gas valve on the regulator off, wait 5 minutes, then go through the relight procedure again. Be sure to turn the regulator to "ON" after the pilot syats lit. If that doesn't get it going you probably damaged the thermocouple. Replacements with basic instructions are cheap at the "big box" stores. Take a good look at how your current one is installed before taking it out to match it at the store. Also take note of how tight the fitting at the regulator is when you undo ii so that you don't overtighten the new one or you might damage the regulator(NOT a cheap part). Guess how I learned about that?

TIP: Anytime you're working on any gas appliance, take a few minutes to 'soap' the connections to check for leaks. Use an old spray bottle and some dish soap mixed with water, spray on the connection, and look for bubbles, and wipe dru when you're finished. You should see no bubbles but if you do fix the problem now before you find yourself calling the fire department from next door in the middle of the night(or worse!)


Re: No hot water

Yes, but have you ever seen a HE unit with a standing pilot light?

Sorry to be so long getting back to ya.

No......no HE's with standing pilot........but that isn't really what I was referring to. My notion was that if the unit is power-vented.....it needs 120 to run the blower and then the main gas valve can open. but....the standing pilot will light and hold without. Sometimes the static spark jumping off a shop-vac hose will cause a breaker to trip. BTDT.


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