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No hot water pressure

I had a hot water heater that had to be replaced and when my son did that we had hot water pressure for about 2 days, now somedays we have a little hot water and other days there is none. What did he do wrong when he installed it. I have all the cold water pressure that I need but no hot. Some days it will start out with a medium amount of water and then is slows down like someone had turned it off. Please Help Sandy

Re: No hot water pressure

Ditto that and............don't forget the screen on your washing machine hose. It too will likely be full of sediment particles.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: No hot water pressure

when we replaced our hot water tank we had to turn off the valve for the cold water going in. my husband had to use torch to put new piece of pipe and fittings on the ends of the old pipes to fit new tank. later we also noticed problems like you. turned out the old round valve for the cold pipe was bad it never opened all the way so we replaced it with new bar handle valve, never had a pressure problem after. had something to do with the round valve not drilling open or closed all the way inside even when the handle moves after we first closed it to take out the old heater. the rod handle doesn't have that problem. mabe you need a new valve for the water going in to the heater cuz the water speed of the cold flow going in is what sends the hot water coming out. had to turn off all the water and drain all the pipes to change the valve. we had to saw the pipe and use torch to redo the pipe to the new valve and the water tank fitting. somekinds you only use wrenches.

if you use torch dont use when any pipe is connected to tank becuz the plastic piece in the heater pipe will melt it is a heater trap or something.

Re: No hot water pressure

We did the same procedure when we replaced our hot water tank as Blue Ridge...I think this is simply the best, no problems at all.

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