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NO hot water.... for me....

we have lived in the house for ~6 yrs. We recently started experiencing a issue with the hot water, when another person uses the hot water. when one faucet is using the hot water and the hot water is turned on at another faucet, the water pressure drops, and goes to a trickle. I have tried by-passing the water softener but it does not help. I have even tried draining the hot water tank, but still no help, we are on city water and have had no recent plumbing work on the house. this only happens with the HOT water, not cold. any help would be great, I would love to be able to take a hot shower while others are also able to use the hot water....

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

We had a similar problem and all the plumber did was adjust a valve to make the water pressure even throughout the house. I am not sure which valve, but maybe that can help get you in the right direction.


Re: NO hot water.... for me....

** Update **
Now when the softern is not by-passed ; there is no pressure on the second floor - at all - no hot or cold- also affected the water pressure of the outside faucets;so the the softerner is by-passed, which did not resolve the previosue issue, but also did not make it any worse - so i guess that leads me to the softern manafacture's web site - I did played around with the value on water softerner, no improvement to the pressure.

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

things to check.
a) do you have a pressure regulator on the main supply? They can fail over time (just replaced mine after 30 years and 2 rebuilds), they also get clogged with street crud. I looks like a largish brass block, usually with a large screw/bolt out the bottom of a central cone shape that hangs down. It will be close to the meter/street input supply point, but may be after the conditioner (not good).
b) do you have a filter set as either part of or before the water conditioner? Again they get clogged and need the cartridge replaced regularly. Mine gets clogged every time the fire department gets bored and starts playing with the hydrants.
c) since you mention the water conditioner, check its seals, if the conditioner salts (assume that's the kind you have) are moving into the supply line you'll have a clog. I'd bypass it, open all the faucets and showers and let them run for a bit to see if it clears the lines. Also drain the water heater a bit into a bucket, see what comes out with the water.
d) CAREFULLY, shut off the street supply main shutoff and drain the system as a last resort, this might clear thing. I say carefully because older homes that haven't had the supply shut off in a while tend to have brittle valves. A broken supply shutoff is not good (call Noah!!)

Sounds like you've got a blockage somewhere in the line so start checking.

A plumber should be able to put a pressure meter on the faucets or output points to see where it drops and what it is.

I keep mine set at 40 - 60 lbs (my street pressure is >80 lbs ).

All this assumes that the culprit is overall water pressure, if the cold is blasting and hot is not. then it's probably a blockage in the water heater or supply from there. The bit about turning on the conditioner and loosing pressure indicated an overall problem though.

Hope that helps,

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

** update **

Thanks for the info ---
I had the water conditioner serviced, they replaced the resin and all of the seals, along with the cam. after all of this & $200,no improvement. I did drain the water tank again... and this time i was able to get some material out of the tank, the material looks like oatmeal, I let it drain for over an hour, shutting off the water then back on.. hoping to get the stuff loose- I guess about 1/3 - 1/2 cup came out. but still did not help the pressure. I am planning on draining it again maybe every couple of weeks or so just to see if it helps. per Greg's advice, I did check to see if there was a pressure value and could not find one, also have a call into the water company to see if they can tell me if one is installed... still waiting on a return call

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

Few questions
1) is the water softener only serving the hot water lines
2) what is the pressure at hot faucet before other hot water is turned on
3) does it matter which faucet is turned on first when water pressure drops
4) what type of valve is on top of heater is it a round handle you turn or is it a lever 1/4 turn ball valve

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

How old is your water heater? I just replaced mine in my house because we were only getting about 10 min of hot water out of a 40 gallon water tank. After we removed it from the house I broke it open and it was almost half full of calcium build up which builds up after years of use. I would say if your hot water tank is older you might need to replace it. Thats the only thing I can think of though... Unless you still have galvinized pipes in your house like I do still (just going to the second floor) and those get cloged and you will barly see any pressure on the second floor just from that.

Re: NO hot water.... for me....

I just had a very similar problem in my house. it ended up being a circulator pump. small green taco brand pump which is after my electric water heater.

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