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Re: No Ground On My House

yep .... the Telco and cable tie a ground line for their stuff around here .... though I had a heck of a time getting the cable guy to remove his ground from the nearest water pipe and locate it properly.

Re: No Ground On My House

I know this is an old post, but it brings up some good issues of grounding. My question is.. why didnt anyone bring up lightning protection for the house? i agree that it needs to be properly grounded, but why not protect it against what he is worried about and what is everyones feelings on whole house surge protectors, espically as a service offered to customers. thanks you all. it has been slow in here

Re: No Ground On My House

I haven't heard of dieing during using telephone due to electrical storm.... It's new thing to me.... I'll have to know more about it.

Re: No Ground On My House

This is an old topic but still relevant. Today a metal water pipe entering a building (if 10' or longer in the ground) is a prefered ground, whereas ground rods are becoming a thing of the past. Whichever is selected as the primary ground, both the cold and hot metal piping must be grounded/bonded.

According to Snopes.com on average one person a year is killed talking on a "land line" phone, but many more were injured.

Reuters news reported 16,000 were killed between 2001-2007 due to texting/driving.

Good Luck from Wilsonville, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: No Ground On My House

Bottom line: you need a rod. It's copper and it goes about 10' in the ground. Your electrical panel box will be tied to it. All your outlets around the house should be tied to the electric box.
This job is for a highly skilled DIY, or a lic. contractor.
Do it asap.
Good luck.

Re: No Ground On My House
Re: No Ground On My House

Thanks Gizmo,

I've learned a completely new thing here.... I've a question, but before asking I would like to talk to our telecommunication technicians to know what measures they've taken about it. If they can solve my question, I won't ask here...

Re: No Ground On My House

Sohel, always ask here. You may not be the only one wanting to know the answer, it makes us learn if we have to reference something to fine tune our answers, and it gives us something to do. Thanks


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