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No Flushy !

When I Flush My Toilet Any Fodder Inside The Bowl Just's Swirles Around And Around And Don't Go Down.! But If I Flush And Pour A Large Glass Of Water Into The Bowl At The Same Time Down It Goes.
I Have Good Water Pressure. So What Could Be The Dilly O' Wtih My Toilet Issues ?


Re: No Flushy !

If it flushes every time you add a glass of water it sounds like there's not enough water being supplied to the bowl quick enough.

The tank supplies water into the bowl rapidly to raise the level high enough to over spill into the siphon trap designed into the toilet. Once the siphon action begins it will allow the bowl to drain.

Try this ... take the cover off the tank and add that glass of water to the tank. Then flush the toilet to see if it drains ok. If it does it may be the float shut off needs to be adjusted to allow the tank to fill with a little more water.

If it doesn't help it may be the flapper is closing too quickly not allowing enough water to fill the bowl.


Some of the holes along the under side of the rim may be plugged not allowing water to enter the bowl quick enough.

Hopefully this helps. :)

Re: No Flushy !

Thank You For Your Reply Canuk. I Added A Whole 3 Large Cups Of Water To The Toilet Tank And Put Some Tissue In The Bowl Then Flushed It. I Watched The Flapper At The Same Time And It Seem To Stay Open Long Enough For The Tank To Drain. I Got The Same Result "no Flush". I Think The Holes Under The Rim Might Be Plugged Up With Calcium Deposits. Could It Be It's Time To Replace The Toilet?

Thank You For Feed Back !!!
Go Tribe !!

Re: No Flushy !

In addition, if you have a brick or other "water saving" device in the toilet tank, take it out.
Clean out the holes with a coat hanger & run some CLR through the bowl.

Re: No Flushy !
houseman47 wrote:

I Think The Holes Under The Rim Might Be Plugged Up With Calcium Deposits. Could It Be It's Time To Replace The Toilet?

I think at this point try a couple of things first ... they will be cheaper and easier than replacing the toilet.

Put a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. When you flush notice where the colored water flows and doesn't flow. Then clean out those holes with something like a coat hanger as ed21 suggested or clean them all out.

Then try the last thing of using a closet auger or plunger just in cases there is something obstructing the siphon trap just enough to cause an issue.

If all else fails then maybe it's time for a little bathroom remodel replacing the toilet. That would be the last thing I would do.

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