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No flange. Can we use toilet?

I just bought a house that had a very old toilet in the upstairs bathroom. During the sale, the owners informed me that the upstairs toilet was leaking so the first thing I did was have a plumber come over to install a new toilet the week after closing. When the plumber took off the old toilet, he informed me that there was no flange in bathroom floor. Since, at the time, I had planned on retiling the bathroom floor, we decided that he would not install a new flange right then and just install the toilet over the pipe. Long story short, the bathroom renovation has taken some back seats to some other projects and I have not used this toilet because it lacks a flange. Does anyone know if it is safe if we use this toilet occiasonally until we do have a flange installe? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: No flange. Can we use toilet?

Personally I wouldn't leave it like this and frankly surprised the plumber did.
Didn't the plumber show and explain to you how the flange works?

The flange provides a proper transition to the drain pipe. It has a slight bevel and fits in to funnel the waste directly into the drain pipe. As well this allows the wax ring to act as a gasket to seal from moisture and sewer gas leaks. Along with the exit port of the toilet to properly fit in place instead of relying on you hopefully have it aligned with the raw opening of the drain pipe.

Just a thought.

Re: No flange. Can we use toilet?

Thanks! I had a feeling we couldn't use the toilet. Guess we wont until the new floor is installed.

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