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No access hole to get to sash weight help

Nine of 15 sash windows bottom sash cord missing
took off inside piece to pull out bottom sash and no access hole Imagine my surprise I keep going back to see if I missed it!!
Could I really be looking at taking off the casing to get to the weight
Tried to wedge to oval wheel apparatus out of its little spot only to bend and overall botch that up

Any suggestions

New to post and thanks for all the great advice when I was the anonymous botch up artist:confused:

Re: No access hole to get to sash weight help

I think you're on the right track. While many double-hung wood windows have an access pocket in the jamb, there are some which require removing the casing. If that isn't bad enough, you might even have to cut away some of the wall behind the casing.

Be sure to use natural-fiber sash cord. Synthetic rope will degrade in the sunlight. (Voice of experience here.)

Before you remove the casing, cut through the paint at the joints with a utility knife so you don't chip the plaster or split the wood when you're removing the casing. Don't try to drive the nails back through the face of the casing -- you'll split the wood. Pull them all the way through using an end-cutting nipper (unless the nails have a head, in which case you'll need to cut them off).

Re: No access hole to get to sash weight help

what do you think if I cut a hold in the wood where tha ccess hole should be then cover it with thin piece of sheet mettal or something thanks cris

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