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NM Wire Strength

How stong is NM wire (romex type)? I had an electrican in and he was pulling and pulling on the wire (even with vice grip pliers) to get a few more inches out. This seems like it could damage the wire or pull it loose from somewhere else. Thoughts? Am I over worried that this could cause damage and become a fire hazard or something?


Re: NM Wire Strength

The wire won't fail but the casing might. Then you have the wire coating.

While yanking excessively isn't good, you might be surprised how much a wire can take.

Re: NM Wire Strength

I wouldn't worry about that.

The copper in romax is solid. You can pull on it all day long and it's still in the same shape.

Re: NM Wire Strength

If the electrician is still around ask him to Megger it.

At strart-up if the AFCI trips...I'd look there first.

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