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Nightmare Tile Colors, but Beautiful Work

My house was an as-is forclusure. The bank did minimal work long distance; house is in Oklahoma City, bank is in Tulsa and hired contractors by phone. The bathroom was painted blue before forclosure. Dark blue on original wood trim, light blue walls an all previous paint jobs are underneath.

So contractor tiles shower with all black tile, and dark blue tile trim to match the really bad paint job. THEN, to add insult to injury, the contractor replaced the sliding shower doot over his beautiful tile work.

Then contractor installed a light brown stained new cabinet, and sink with cabinet top is marbled with ****. He screwed silver towel racks into original wood trim and a silver light strip above the mirrored cabinet into the wall with a wood trim. I am going to remove the towel racks.

1. I took down the shower door, but the original tracking is on the tub and new tracking on tile. How do I remove those?

2. If I take the paint off down to the bare wood trim, I have light brown trim, a dark blue and black tile shower. A ****ish sink, and a brown cabinet.

3. How do I fix a decorator's nightmare?

4.I can paint the cabinet, and replace the sink top.

5. I can paint or tile the walls but I really hate to paint the bare wood trim, but I think that's going to my only choice.

6.I'm going to use tile on the floor.

I'm going crazy at home depot and contractor outlets, I can't think of what colors for the floors and walls.

I've tried to imagine walls being white, gray or a light blue of the same shade, tile floor to match the shower tiles and cabinet white.

Any color scheme ideas out there?

Re: Nightmare Tile Colors, but Beautiful Work

The *s spell g o l d

Re: Nightmare Tile Colors, but Beautiful Work

To get the colors that you "want", you need to consult a decorator. It will be money well spent.

Or you can gut the whole thing and start from scratch. This way it will be "your" bathroom.

Re: Nightmare Tile Colors, but Beautiful Work

Thank you, those are very good ideas. I'm not able to start from scratch. I live on the road, I only have so much time to do this. I won't hire contractors to work when I'm not home, because I've been in the construction biz, LOL, that's exactly what the bank did. If he doesn't have a wife, I can only imagine what horrible decorating he does at home.

I'm also an artist, I can decorate very well. I'm trying to get some color scheme ideas from other do-it-yourselfers. Since writing this down and getting it out of my head, I'm thinking about some startling colors that don't match black and blue. Mauve or sea green glazed with silver tint. Silver paint, chameleon paint...???

Re: Nightmare Tile Colors, but Beautiful Work

That's funny, you can say silver, but not g o l d...LOL

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