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The next digs the last digs

I am about to retire. So when I note that funds become limited just look at the housing market. My current home is about 150K less then we built it for. But
I want to retire to AZ where I can take advantage of a couple of things, the Sun being one and Geothermal being another. I am looking at trying to build as green a home as possible and need to discover what I should look for in an all Solar Home, I also want to work with Geothermal, but having watched a very old TOH with a boiler from Germany i have been sold on that as a source for heating the floors in the house. So I know this is a start to finish question, but it should be one many people need to look at with costs going all over the map. So and directions will be helpful, and I mean start to finish help would be appreciated.
I want to control a lot of this myself, but I have MS and at times it limits my abilities more than my desires. So this house will be something that my wife will be spending more time in than I will if you get the drift. Thanks again for reading thru all of this:):):mad::)

A. Spruce
Re: The next digs the last digs

First, before you settle on any one thing, do your research. What looks good on the surface may not be so great in practice, or have diminishing returns as far as value for dollar.

Consult with an architect who is familiar with green and energy efficient construction. This person will know what is available in the area in which you wish to build and may have options that you have not thought about.

There is more to solar than placing PV cells on your roof. There is also solar water heating, passive solar heating, solar lighting, and other forms. The area you are planning to build may have "greenergy" programs available to help defray the cost of construction. For instance, in my area the local utility will subsidize the installation of a solar electric system, in return you will be connected to the grid and any electricity that you do not use will be put out onto the grid and you will be paid for it. I have heard that the best part of a system like this is watching the meter run backwards! :D

Instead of a boiler to heat the water for your radiant floor, a solar heater may be the better route. The types of materials you build with will also make a big difference in your energy costs. So, again, I would recommend consulting with local tradesmen with green construction experience.

Re: The next digs the last digs

You might start with local colleges, see if they have a green program. Often times you can get a lot of information and help for free or little cost.


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