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New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

Had an issue with my well pump, it was running every half hour even with the house main valve shut off. Called a well repairman, he said the check valve in the well on top of the pump was leaking so $1400. He replaced the pump. He installed the new one, the pump ran for 15 minutes and would not shut off, he shut it off via the pressure switch manually. He told me don't worry leave it off over night and all would be well ??? He said he blew air into the well when the pump was removed and this disturb everything in the well and it was normal for this to happen. The next morning I flipped the pressure switch and it worked fine, that evening the pump turned on while using water and wouldn't shut off. I called he said I need a new well, he complained that the depth of the water the pump sits into was only 3 feet and it's not his problem. Seems odd to me , I never had a problem until he touched it ......... Any suggestions would be appreciated, I hate to have a new well drilled if I really don't need one. Thank you, JeffS.

Re: New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

That's should be now it won't shut off, I can't edit my misspell, I'm sorry !!!!

Re: New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

replace my over 400 ft deep well pump 3 years ago and I do not have a check valve and don't need one on a deep well .Is the well guy reputable .The only reason you should need a new well is if it went dry and even then sometimes that is from over use and they can fill back up .Do you have a pressure tank or could there be a leak or cracked pipe under ground .I also replace my pressure tank this past spring because the guy used parts that corroded .i also put in a bigger pressure tank so well pump would not cycle to long and cause it to wear out faster '

Re: New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

Do you have a working pressure gauge? Your pump may not be building up enough pressure or the pressure switch is set too high. There should also be a check valve at the top of the well just before the pressure switch and that one might be defective. You might also need a new pressure switch.

He might have put the check valve at the pump in facing the wrong direction.

Re: New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

If check valves and pressure switch are OK and the pump runs continuously then it is not reaching shut off pressure.
Three causes for this are a leak in the line, low water level, or the pump hung to high in the well. To check the well first pull the pump. Get a piece of 1 X 1 about 8 foot long, drill a hole through one end and tie a heavy cord through the hole. Lay it out along your pump and the line from the well. Tie a knot to mark the length where the pitless adapter is . Make sure the cord is several feet longer, say about 10 feet, and tie off the ednd so you don't drop it down the well. Lower the 1X1 down the well until the knot is even with the pitless adapter in the casing and mark the cord even with the top of the casing. Now lower it down until it stops and mar the cord again even with the top of the casing. Pull it out of the well. The distance between the marks will indicate how far from the bottom of the well the pump is hung, it should be about 3 feet. Also not on the string and 1X1 how much of it is wet. that will indicate the water depth. If the entire 1X1 is wet and part of the string addition line can be added to the pump to get it down into the water. But is bet to keep the pump about 3 feet from the bottom.


Re: New well pump , know it won't shut off ??????

Thank you all for the replies !!!!! I called another well man and found out I hired a crook !!!!! The good well man told me the new pump had to be throttled which is included in the price of the pump install. Didn't fully understand throttled but had to do with reduce the flow from the pump to the house with a valve in the line. He told me to call the crooked well man and tell him he ( use his name) told me the pump had to be throttled and I was owed that. I did as he said , the crook started back pedaling , changed his story and came over and now it's working good. Pretty sad crooks like this can stay in business !!!!! Thank you again everybody !!!!!! Jeffs

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