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new technology to fix clogged sewer pipe?

We have a partially obstructed sewer pipe -a new issue in a 50+ year old home. The plumber believes a length of the pipe has sagged and suggests jetting the line and a camera inspection - approx $1300. If he is correct, to "fix" the pipe would be excavation and replacement. I read about trenchless fixes where a replacement pipe was sent through the pipe, like a medical stent. The new pipe materials seem to be either PVC or some flexible material which is inflated. Has anybody had experience with this? Any other new technology rather than the big costs of excavation?

Re: new technology to fix clogged sewer pipe?

$1300 seems a bit steep for a sewer inspection. I would think it to be around $300 (somewhat wild guess). Get a few more estimates. Also check with disaster restoration companies; quite often they have the equipment and skills to inspect sewer lines and can be cheaper than plumbers.

If a line is sagging, I fail to understand how shoving a new pipe through will fix the sag. That would only provide a fix if the pipe is cracked, not sagged.

There are two ways to fix a sagged pipe: trenching or directional bore. The directional bore is typically more expensive, and may or may not be feasible in your situation. The directional bore means you don't have to dig up your yard; if you have a lot of concrete or decorative elements the directional bore might actually be cheaper than trenching.

Timothy Miller
Re: new technology to fix clogged sewer pipe?

Howdy one can use a bullet( metal connected to cable pulled threw pipe breaking it and dragging new pipe threw the old line. Consider contacting you local water/ sewer department for some referrals.
Not knowing the details of the age of the pipe or location such as under driveways, house, trees one can do a limited repair by snaking the pipe to the clog and only digging to this point and repairing the damaged section & not the entire waste line...

Re: new technology to fix clogged sewer pipe?

$1300 sounds expensive enough to get at least another 2 quotes.

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