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New patio overlay

My concrete patio is 6" lower than the rear of my yard. I would like to:
1) Install one of the manufactured wood substitute product (eg.Trex). I want to raise the surface of my new deck to eliminate part of the level difference. How can I do this? I am thinking of fastening planks (artificial wood to the concrete and useing this as the base to fasten the new patio planking. Is this a feasible approach?


2) Overlay the exisitin concrete deck with new concrete, raising the level two inches. How can I get a mechanical bond between the old concrete and the new?

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Re: New patio overlay

Dear Jim B,

We are professional deck builders and what you are asking is ver easy. The best solution is to build a "sleeper" deck. Lay 2x4 on the faceboard

In over eight years of experience Trex is not my favorite compiste.Try Timber Tech... are you installing this your self?

If so I have more advie for you. Otherwise you may want to look at our website. www.archadck-swhouston.com.

I hope this helps!

Re: New patio overlay

I forgot to mention, Trex has a mildew problem here in Houston.
Also, if the deck is near trees Trex will stain. Timber Tech has had no issues. The composites can be confusing but for that kind of $$ get a good product. It is worth it and it is sustainable...good for enviroment! Also looks great!~

Re: New patio overlay

I agree with the above response regarding trex and timbertech. I disagree with the perscribed method though. Composite decking needs appropriate airspace to prevent warping. Talk with a authorized timbertech dealer to get the proper information.
Also: The mildew on composite decking is due to the high wood fiber content in Trex. Timbertech has a lower wood content and their new tropical line has even less. It has more to do with conditions on to ie. shaded areas, tree debris, than it does below conditions.


Re: New patio overlay

Hey yeah you can build it just like you were thinking. Just use treated lumber to lay down on the patio and use a hammer drill with a quarter inch bit to fasten them to the concrete after drilling the hole drive 2-16d galvanized nails side by side down in the hole and it will hold it forever. remember that when installing trex your layout must be 12 inches on center so the trex doesnt sag. also if you are wanting your deck higher than the grass i have found that treated 4x4 posts work best and are th stronger way to go to fasten to the patio. plus if you want to put a skirt board around it so no critters can crawl under your new deck. good luck p.s. when pouring concrete on top of concrete talk to your local lumber yard about a bonding agent it is very common.

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