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New or Reconditioned Tools

Hello all, I am new to this forum but have been watching TOH since the mid-90's and would like some advice. As the subject line would indicate I am looking at replacing some old Craftsman 19.2 volt tools with a newer set of cordless tools, I burned up a drill and batteries are dying off one by one. During my search I came across a website (CPOoutlet) that sells reconditioned tools. Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch as well as Dewalt etc. My question is this: are these decent tools (and/or a decent retailer)? They say they are factory spec, but I am leery and looking for comments from actual users/buyers of recondtioned tools. I am leaning towards Milwalkee or Makita but if I can pick up some reconditioned tools that are the same and work just as well it might be worth it. These will be used for DIY projects (fencing, installing new doors, basic framing, custom shelving, etc.). My Craftsman set has lasted 5 years, but the tools are becoming underpowered for my larger projects and they are pretty heavy when you compare them. Thanks for your input!

Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

Technology is changing so fast, that reconditioned tools are not such a good deal for someone who uses them a lot.

Don't throw your money on someone else's trash. New Makita drills are not outrageously expensive, you should buy new. Check outlets like ebay.

For other hand tools, not involving hi tech, time stands still. Tools like quality screwdrivers, hammers, saws and others.

A. Spruce
Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

As long as you go with a good quality name brand, it matters less whether it is new or reconditioned. Like DJ said, you don't want to toss your money in the trash, and I wouldn't recommend recon tools for a professional setting, but for the average DIY'r, recon may be just fine.

Side note: Just because "recon" is stamped into the side of the tool, doesn't mean that there was anything wrong with it to begin with. Basically what happens is, when merchandise is returned, it has to be repackaged and cannot be sold as "new". The item may have never seen a moment's use, but it had been opened and removed from packaging, which means that for the manufacturer to sell it, it has to be gone through to make sure it is within mechanical specification, then repackaged for sale. Most manufacturers use subcontractors for this work.

As for some real life experience, I have a recon Dewalt sawzall that has worked great for the past 12 years of DIY use (I'm retired ). In my professional days, I had a Milwaukee sawzall that served me well for many years, when I wore it out and it was cheaper to replace it than to repair it.

Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

I have bought from CPO and they are a reputable source. For a DIYer I would not fear the RECON lable.


MLB Construction
Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

i have a mix of both new and recon tools. i've had new tools die before the recon ones and vise versa. it's a gamble i would take especially if you're a DIYer.

Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

Thank you very much for everyones input! What I am gathering from everyones comments is that for my uses (DIY) these should be a good alternative so long as I don't purchase some tool that is not made anymore or is an older product. Again, thank you for your comments!

Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

I have bought several Bosch 12V tools from CPO and have no complaints. I find it is sometimes easier to buy a recon tool to get the double batteries that I can share among all the same tool line.

Re: New or Reconditioned Tools

I have a mix of new and recon DeWalt 18V cordless tools of every kind, and I've found no difference between them except the purchase price. In fact I wait for sales on recon tools when I can but I use a different seller (MaxTools). The recon tools carry the same warranty as new and I use (and somewhat abuse) them daily- I need only reliable powerful tools I can depend on, so if they can't take a little abuse they are not for me. Not that I recommend my approach but it culls the bad stuff out rather well.

I have noticed that DeWalt recons are done in Mexico where quality is always questionable (at least to me) but like I said, no problem with these after a decade of using them so maybe I'm just biased. Can't speak of other brands or sellers directly but the rest of the guys here know their stuff too, so if they say it's good you can believe them.


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