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New nut/screwwdriver??

I need to purchase a cordless screw/nut driver as I am putting a formed steel panel roof on an old house to make it a storage area and shop and it fastens with hex head screws. Looking to buy a USA made ( if possible) unit or a good non China made unit. Willing to make an investment in a quality unit . Just want to hear what you folks out there like to put in your tool boxes .



A. Spruce
Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

Any of the major brand cordless drills will suit you fine. DeWalt and B&D are essentially the same thing, I'm a fan of DeWalt. I've also had Makita cordless and it was a great workhorse as well. I've heard good things about Rigid from Evil Orange, but I wouldn't buy one. I wouldn't buy a Ryobi either.

One thing to consider here is if you plan to ever have other cordless tools, if you do already or plan to add to your tool inventory, then I suggest you buy the same brand and voltage so that you only have to deal with one charger and not 10 different ones, which is a real pain.

Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

To put the steel siding and roof on my barn I used Bosch 18v, even had it fall off the roof and no damage.


Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

"Looking to buy a USA made ( if possible) unit or a good non China made unit."

Almost impossible to do nowadays. Even Milwaukee drills are made in China...(What's in a name, right?)

If I were you, I'd lean towards Makita. Their drill is still made in Japan, and is one hell of a tool. Abuse it all you want, it still performs, it works in sand, mud, in the rain and in the wind, after you drop it and so on. One thing you have to do is: never take your eyes off it, or it will get stolen in a flash (when you are working with a few subs and workers).

Get the 18V lithium ion with the long lasting batteries and fast charger.

Price? surprisingly, not the most expensive power drill out there.

Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

I still have the Makita i bought 23 years ago and it still works after all this time in construction and renovations. .

Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

I use Ryobi cause that's what I got for Christmas when I started out, and have kept it "in the family" to avoid issues with separate chargers and batteries. Ryobi has done a good job of making sure new generation tools and batteries are compatible with older generations. They are also far cheaper than the other brands already discussed, and slightly lower quality. I once had a Craftsman cordless drill, and it worked fine, but I got so sick of having a different charger and set of batteries, that it eventually got buried in its grave of disuse in the back of the tool chest.

That being said, the only issue I've ever had with my Ryobi's is that I burned up a drill once by [of course] doing something I should not have been doing [operating a 2.5" hole saw that barely even fit in the chuck, then insisting that it finish the hole after it was obvious the tool was not meant for the job]. However, because I already have batteries and chargers galore, I went to Amazon and bought a replacement 'tool only' for cheap, and it works great.

I LOVE my Ryobi impact driver. It's super tough and has performed flawlessly for several years of intense use. Impact driving makes jobs with a lot of screws MUCH easier. Just be sure to buy impact-rated driver bits, as other bits will crack off after a few screws.

Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

I use a lot of Ryobi 18 volt tools and I like them. However, Porter Cable makes a lot of their tools in Jackson, TN.

Re: New nut/screwwdriver??

I was onto DeWalt's cordless 18V tools when a 5 3/8" saw, drill, charger, case, and 2 standard NiMh batteries was $500 on sale, one heck of a lot of money ~25 years ago. Used and abused almost daily, the drill lasted 21 years and the saw 24. During the interim I collected most of their tool line using this battery type which sadly they are slowly phasing out now. They sell Lithium batteries to fit these. In non-commercial use these tools will probably last a lifetime.

Today for commercial use I'd recommend DeWalt's new 20V Lithium tools which is now their focused category and will have more tools than ever using this battery, including a framing nailer! Kick-butt power and heavy-duty quality. Homeowners can do well with the Ryobi line, having many tools and solid enough to handle non-daily use. Makita, Hitachi, and Milwaukee are good too, but IMHO generally overpriced for what you get. B+D is better than before they merged with DeWalt but these are not nearly as good, being about like Ryobi but usually costing more.

I've used and abused them all. Certain specific cordless tools I like better than DeWalt but other tools in those lines just don't cut the mustard or too few other tools are available so I stick with DeWalt for cordless tools and unless something drastically changes I always will. Best bang-for-the-buck in a workaday cordless tool there is!


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