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New Metal roof leaking

In October 2008 we had the old shingles removed from our house and had a metal roof installed. Not cheap, $8,800.00
After both snows this year our ceiling has been getting brown water spots. The spots are mostly in the bathroom and laundry area. Which makes me wonder if it is leaking around the vent pipes. We also have areas where leakes apear to be from the cap.
We also have leakes from the eaves. I called the roofer today to come out and look at the damage ansd to see about repairs.
The roof has a 5 year warranty so I have not called our insurance company.
Can anyone tell me the correct way these repairs should be done to prevent further problems/leaks. If these leaks are not corrected correctly it can lead to further damages. Plus I have a health issue to be concerned with. Water leaks can lead to mold problems and I am extremely allergic to mold. Will it be necessary to allow the wet roof to dry out before any repairs can be made so the moisure/wet areas aren't 'trapped' in?
So I can prevent mold problems from occuring?
I would appreciate any advice from roofers. Thank you. cm

Timothy Miller
Re: New Metal roof leaking

Howdy did your local building department sign off the re roof permit if so call them about it leaking too if nothing else a heads up. Vent flashing did they install the cheapest product that has 1/2 the life that the metal does??? Probably an probably not installed correctly. Metal roof last 100 years- a lead head flashing that wraps up an into the pipes is the only flashing that will last as long( my opinion). Find out what flashing if the cheap plastic or rubber grommet in a steel or plastic flashing, plan on having it replaced several times before the roof.

Petty Roofing, Boise
Re: New Metal roof leaking

It does sound like your primary leaks are around the pipe flashings, but with all the other problems I am wondering if there aren't workmanship issues. Was this roof put on in one day? It's possible they were in a rush and did not drive the screws in completely. I would reccomend calling another established roofer in the area and get an informed opinion on what the problems might be. Then you can find out if your roofer is willing to make it right or pay to have another company repair it. Most metal roof faults that I have seen involve placement of the screws in the lowest part of the panels, known as the "pan", instead of high on the panels through the "ribs". Of course the pan is flush with the roof sheathing and accepts shorter and cheaper screws. But all water that flows off the panels flows through the pans while water flows off of the ribs. Placement of the fasteners in the pan can be a problem, particularly on very low slope roofs.

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