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Hello every one. I have been a member only a week or so. I read a lot of interesting messages usually in plumbing or electrical.I still have a problem navigating and finding the previuos messages. But, I will learn with time. I wish there was a TOH tech support to ask technical questions on how to use the Discussion.I am confident I am going to learn with time.

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Not that it matters one little bit on how long anyone has been hanging around this site or the old site I for one will say welcome and feel free to throw your thoughts in on any given post.

To me searching through all of the individual topics on this site is very time consuming so I usually just hit the "New Posts" button to see what topics have been active since the last time I visited. I usually don't log in and out either unless I want to toss my cookies.

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Welcome, we may not be the brightest bulbs in the box but we try.:D
This thread is for asking tech questions so feel free to post your questions here, and remember the only stupid question is one that never asked.

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You have good info to give (like the FIP vs MIP) and that is what I use this for. It is fun to see how other people would fix the probelms. You gotta look at the "Home Inspection Nightmares" section. There are 10 or so different galleries. This will make you laugh and just shake your head. Good luck. Proccess of eliminaton.

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