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New lawn/ant hills

I am about 11 days into a newly seeded lawn. It is starting to pop up but am worried. Some parts of the yard there are so many ant hills it is unbelievable. Will this prevent new grass from growing in those areas??? I have planted yards before and did everything right. There is good black dirt and laid straw. I am watering every other day. Will the lawn come in good?

Re: New lawn/ant hills

It's up to you whether or not you you to start a fight with those ants. Keep in mind that eliminating them will be next to impossible. Just hope to push them to remote locations in your yard.

As far as getting a successful new lawn, there are a few factors that will determine that. We don't know exactly how you did your preparation, so we can't comment on this.

Re: New lawn/ant hills

I plan on working on trying to get rid of them. But right now at this time are they going to prevent new grass from growing? Can I lay ant killer down while the new lawn is growing or do I have to wait?

Re: New lawn/ant hills

As far as the lawn is concerned, they are doing more good than harm. They are helping to break down the straw you put down and aerating the soil, pretty much the same things that earthworms do. Only earthworms don't crawl all over your kitchen counters and get into anything with sugar.

If the ants are biting ants or fire ants, you do have to get rid of them for your own safety. If they are just sugar ants, start with a barrier around your house to keep them out. Then decide if you want them out of the lawn or not.

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