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New kitchen construction

Need some advice. We are building our house, and we are to the point of putting in electrical rough in.
Our plan has a bar that has an outlet.
Now the issue is this:
Do you put the floor in first, ie we want to tile the kitchen, or do we put the cabinets in??

Re: New kitchen construction

It can be done either way. You can put a plywood spacer down for the cabnets then tile or tile first. Personally I prefer tiling first, with the floor completely tiled cahnging cabinets later is a lot less work if different sizes are used..


Re: New kitchen construction

I do the same thing, but I bring full tiles to the cabinets (assuming cabinets on one side of the kitchen only), because if I ever want to replace the tiles, I won't need to remove them first.

That means that I lay my field tiles in a way which is not recommended. But that's OK with me, since I lay them with precision.

If you have cabinets on the other side of the kitchen, then you chalk mark the center and lay the tiles towards the cabinets on both sides of the center mark.

On the other hand some tile setters don't tile under cabinets, just raise them 1/4".

Either way is acceptable.

Re: New kitchen construction

We prefer to tile first, then put the cabs over the tiles.


1- Faster, neater, easier installation of the floor.

2- Usually the flooring long outlasts the cabs.

3- If you ever want to remove a cabinet, everything unscrews and the cabs slide out.

4- Easier to level / flatten the floors for cabinet and appliance installation.

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Re: New kitchen construction

everyone has a different opinion on this. personally i prefer to install the cabinets first. i find that people will change the floor before changing the cabinets. only exception is hardwood flooring.

Re: New kitchen construction

It only depends on you what you want and any task can be done first. When I have renovated my kitchen then I tiled first and then installed cabinets.

Re: New kitchen construction

This horse has been beaten quite a bit, but if you install the cabinets before the flooring, you will have to build up underneath the cabinets with something as thick as the flooring or built-ins like dishwashers and stoves will find the cabinets and countertops are now too low. Since you've got to put something under the cabinets anyway it just makes sense to use the same flooring which eliminates the problem. Use quality cabinets and flooring and aim for traditional not trendy, as you won't be wanting to replace either of these for a long time due to cost.


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