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New Kiln Dried Wood decking - white sap

We replaced our deck with kiln-dried "better quality" wood, and installed a new stainless steel cable rail system, back in June.

2 months after the deck was completed, and stained, we are seeing a white substance (potentially sap) bleeding through some of the boards. (see attached zip file)

The decking is the Ecolife product from Cox, and has a moisture rating of 0.019pcf.

Both the lumber company manager who sold us the product, and the Cox wood sales rep came out to look at the deck. Their response was that this is normal, it is yellow-pine. Their recommendation was to use turpentine and a rag, and try to rub off the sap, and re-stain. There was no guarantee that the sap would not come back.

We are questioning why we even bought this "supposedly" better wood. Is the white substance really wood SAP ? Any recommendations as to fix and prevent this from happening ?
The railing and the deck does look really nice, except for the dozen boards we have with this white substance :-(

Re: New Kiln Dried Wood decking - white sap

I'm impressed that the two gentlemen paid you a visit, but I'm surprised they didn't offer to exchange the affected lumber. Don't hesitate, go a head and ask them if they would. I think they should.

Next time choose redwood.

Re: New Kiln Dried Wood decking - white sap

Thank you for your response dj1

Just a couple of follow up questions :
Is the white substance really tree sap from the yellow pine ?
Since the wood is kiln-dried, we were not expecting to see
any problems with the wood, especially the sap bubbling
through. Should kiln dried wood have this issue ?
I guess the real question is why did we pay the extra money for "supposedly" better wood ? We understand that it is "wood" and there could be these issues, but only after 2 months of being installed ? We feel like this is a bit of false advertising.
We are following up with the lumber company and Cox.

Wanda V
Re: New Kiln Dried Wood decking - white sap

My family have used pine both for interior and exterior application. Built a home out of squared wood timbers that they cut down themselves from an area near Bissett, MB. We live in a fairly extreme climate near Winnipeg, MB. Anyway, some of their wood was kiln dried and some was dried naturally over a course of aout 5 years. In both cases, there has been white substance permeating. Kiln drying simply speeds up the natural drying process. The white that you are seeing was going to be there either way. I wouldn't clear it off unless it is affecting the finish/sealer you are using. Alternatively, you need to know that pine is considered a softwood - so make sure you are reapplying a sealer at least once every two years.
Good luck!
Winnipeg Wanda

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