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New ice maker connection

After 25 years, we are finally buying a new refrigerator. This one has an ice maker so I need to run a new water line. I can go through the floor behind the reefer and connect up to the plumbing in the basement. The run will be about 20 feet.

1 - I'm wondering if I must use copper, or if plastic tubing will work. I've read that some people think plastic affects the taste of the water.

2 - What's the best thing to do with extra tubing behind the reefer to allow it to be pulled out? Leave a large loop?

I'm trying to minimize the amount of space behind the reefer so I can get it as close to the wall as possible. We are already not happy that new reefers extend beyond the counter so much farther than the old one, so I hate to add any more than necessary.

Thank for your advice.


Re: New ice maker connection

Tim I had plastic tubing that came with mine. I didn't notice and plastic taste. Yes, you will need to leave a loop behind the frige to allow you to be able to pull it out but it should take up less than ½".


Re: New ice maker connection

Your new fridge most likely has a water filter inside.
Add an "in line" filter on the supply line, replace them on a regular basis and your water will be odor free.

Talking about water for ice makers: I just read that most restaurants ice is full of bacteria and other crap, due to dirty filters, machines, dispensers and other reasons. Maybe not to the point to make you sick, but next time, think twice before you take ice from the filthy dispenser at your neighborhood fast food joint.

Re: New ice maker connection

Depends on the plastic. If you use PEX, you're unlikely to get an off flavor.

Re: New ice maker connection

I have used both but prefer copper. What ever you use put in a good shutoff do not rely on the saddle valve that often will part of a kit. In the future it will l leak and/or corrode.

Re: New ice maker connection

condoman brought up a very good point regarding the shut off balve for the ice maker water supply.

I prefer not to use the mini valve that pierces through the copper pipe. Instead I install an angle stop with a 1/4" outlet at the source, to which I attach a 1/4" copper line and straight to the fridge. Again, there is nothing wrong with a plastic line, but I prefer copper.

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