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New House, New Yard

I just bought a new house in Cincinnati, OH. What can I do right away to ensure I have a healthy lawn through the summer? I thought I heard you really just need to fertilize in the fall. Anyone have any insights?

Re: New House, New Yard

I am in the same boat. My yard needs alot of work. Any insights would be double appreciated!

Re: New House, New Yard

A few questions first:

1) Do you know what kind of grass you have?
2) Do you plan on watering?

General rules:
- Mow high. The longer the grass blade, the deeper the roots and the less water the grass will need. The longer blades also provide better shade for the soil, keeping it cooler, and help to choke out weeds, preventing them from taking over the lawn.
- Fertilize 3 times a year, minimum. Spring, summer, and fall.
- Keep you mower blades sharp. A dull blade actually tears the grass, it doesn't cut it. Properly cut grass is healthier grass.

I'd highly recommend picking up a lawn care book by a company like Scotts. It's full of valuable information.

Re: New House, New Yard

Not sure what kind of grass I have, it's the normal common grass for central Illinois. And, no at this time, probably won't be watering my lawn. Thanks for the other information.

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