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New Homeowner Question

Newb home owner question…. I just bought a place that is pretty small – 850 sq ft. Built around 1950. I don’t see any insulation in the walls where I can see between them in the garage and it makes me wonder if the place is insulated at all.

At any rate, the temp got down to 39 this morning and I had my thermostat set to about 67. I timed the heater and it was off for about 25 minutes before it kicked back on. Is that pretty decent?

I’m sure that something could probably be done about the walls not having insulation in them if they don’t, but I don’t really know what that is. Anybody mind telling me what could be done or if it’s likely they already are insulated?


Timothy Miller
Re: New Homeowner Question

Congradulations on owning your home. Did you consider contacting your utility company to find out what the average winter heating costs are for your home based on prior winters usage? Great time to meet some neighbors ask them what thier heating costs are. A perfect time to have an insulation contractor out to inspect the home for insulation and any need there of. If need get at least two other bids.

Did you have the home inspected before you bought it? If not next time have an inspection as a lot can be learned prior to purchase with one an possibly save you allot of headaches and money ....

Last item have a heating contractor out to clean an inspect the furnace and show you how to change the filter so you can then do the filters ans save some $$$$. If the contractor finds any costly repair needed get an itemized bid and then have two other heating contractors come and inspect for comparable bids. Hope nothing that needs work is found. The need for 3 bids is to see if the contractors agree on what is wrong; what to fix; how much to repair; which you then wish to work with.

Re: New Homeowner Question

You'll have to do some investigation on the heater & before you can determine if there is insulation.

If you have an attic or crawl space, go up to the attic & see if you can see any insulation at the tops of the exterior walls---try this also if you have a cellar or crawl space for the bottoms of the exterior walls---if you can't see anything, take a screwdriver & remove the plastic faceplate from some of the electrical outlets and take a flashlight to see if you can see any insulation behind the steel or plastic outlet boxes.

If there is no insulation in the exterior walls, they have a service which blows in insulation from the outside of the house by removing a small piece of exterior siding here & there blowing in insulation---it can be done usually in one day for a few hundred $$$ & is recommended to improve heating comfort in the winter and cooling comfort in the summer---it will save on utility bills year round & thus will pay for itself in a short time.

For the heater: could you describe what type of heater you have---is it a boiler, furnace, space heater, or some other type of heating unit---could you provide the brand name and model number of the heater.

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