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new home owner w/ yellow grass

i just bought my first home and i went to weed n feed my lawn. i used scotts brand and a drop spreader. having never done this before i neglected to set the drop rate for my spreader and burned parts of my grass. there are streaks and patches of yellow/green lawn with lush green steaks where the weed n feed seems to have worked. does anyone know of way i can make my yellow/green grass look as good as the rest with out having to re seed my lawn? i don't know if i should weed n feed again or try some miracle gro.

Re: new home owner w/ yellow grass


Scott's does not readily burn unless you seriously overdose. You state that you are using a drop spreader. With such a spreader, it is easy to not sufficiently overlap your passes. A striped pattern results. If you had burned your lawn, the whole lawn should be showing damage, not just stripes.

In the future, you might consider a rotary spreader, as they broadcast the feed more evenly and with fewer passes. For now, you might try re-fertilizing at right angles to the existing pattern. Make sure you are slightly overlapping your passes. I would use a reduced rate for this.

Re: new home owner w/ yellow grass

thanks, i'll give it a try.

Re: new home owner w/ yellow grass

I agree with Ordjen about a broadcast spreader. to add to that advice, I would hash the application too. so, go from left to right, then front to back. this will help with even coverage.

at my house, I cut the lawn in hash fashion, then apply fertilizer at full rate in both directions. I use the mower marks to give me the straight lines so I don't miss areas.

Re: new home owner w/ yellow grass

The first time I fertilized my front lawn, Ithought "if a little is good, then a lot will be even better!"

And I burned my lawn.

I thought my lawn was toast, but I just had to give it time and lots of water. Adding lots of water each day will help wash away any remaining chemicals. Next year, you'll have a beautiful lawn, as the grass will grow great in those yellow areas. For now, I wouldn't mess with it too much.

Reseeding won't hurt, but it also may not help while your lawn is in the current state, unless you want to devote lots of time to those little patches.

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