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New home owner update suggestions

Hello! Me and my husband just bought our very first home! While we are very excited this 1960's home needs some updating!! Among other things its in an awesome area for the kids and right by the lake AND...on a dead end! We liked that this house was different and unique looking (as are we) but its making it hard to find ideas for the outside of the house! As for the inside we will slowly work on the kitchen and bathroom but we want to add some curb apeal to the home! to make it look not so "blah" Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! want to make this house look up to date and eye catching! Just had a new roof put on! Everything down wed love suggestions on! thank you :)

***ive tried up loading a picture several times- not working!! here is the link to the picture!


Re: New home owner update suggestions

My recommendation is to scan the house for damage and weather related issues . . . I was lucky in Silicon Valley (great weather & good owners) and not so lucky in No. Virginia (Cambodia weather and widow and transient owners who let things go unattended).

Your house inspector only reported the obvious; there are many more things unseen. Some of those things, both exterior & interior, will lead to other fixes and improvements you didn't budget for.

A renovated kitchen won't survive if there are leaks over it. I hope you have previous owners with integrity.

Yes, do some things outside so your neighbors won't complain . . keep it to their standards. Well kept landscaping is universally welcomed. Other outside projects are too subjective, and I find most people, actually have ideas and look to parroting when seeking advice (people who share similar ideas).

Re: New home owner update suggestions

I would get out there and do some landscaping first! Start pulling up the weeds/grass in the driveway, that's pretty much free but it really improves the look of things fast. Otherwise take your time making decisions, probably you'll change your mind a lot about what you want to do. What a fun looking home.

Re: New home owner update suggestions

I love to plant perennials. Especially ones that spread. This can really turn a yard around quickly. Things like butterfly bushes, cone flowers, bee balm, hostas, etc, can bring lots of color and fun hummingbirds, butterflies, etc to your yard.

Also, some evergreen shrubs help to give a unique look in the winter when everything else is dead (if this is the climate you live in).

Good luck!

Re: New home owner update suggestions

Make a hidaway for the trash cans etc with some privacy fencing. Cut down the tall plants next to the house. Get a nice paint scheme for the house.



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