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New Home insulation

My wife and I will be building a new home in southeast Oklahoma latter this year (and I mean we will be building it except for this few time I'll have to subcontract) and the issue of insulation came up. We both agreed to spray foam insulation (closed cell) for the exterior walls but she wants to envelop the whole house (spraying the rafter area as well). Now she read on the internet where once we do that the ceiling does't need to be insulated. But then the question of venting the attic came up. So my question is 1) Do we insulate the ceiling and 2) if we spray the rafter area should we vent or is it not necessary? We will have an air-exchanger for the house for those days when the house is closed up.

Timothy Miller
Re: New Home insulation

Howdy, if you spray the rafters be sure to install the heating /cooling equipement into the attic to stop condensation issues if it is installed outsdie. the attic is not vented and no insullation on the attic floor is needed. I would use open cell on the attic as need to be able to locate roof leaks and not trap moistur into the roofing. AS super insullated home needs air eachangers due to it not leaking air and your health if well work the $ to add it. The spry foam is $$$ In the walls another great way to super insullate is to use 2by8" wall plates and 2by6" studs two foot on center stagering the studs so everyother one does not contact the wouside wall and then weave fiberglass insullation into the wall. This method stops the heat sink that normal stud walls allow.

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