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New Heating System

I'm want to have a new oil fired furnace installed in our home. The original is 36 years old and has been tuned up every year and a new coil put in. I would like to have a more efficient burner and furnace installed.
What types should I be looking at that will give me the most efficient usage.
My house is 36 years old. Ranch, 2,000 - 2,600 sq. ft.
We would like something quiet and efficient.
Can you please help or get us started.

Re: New Heating System


Could you provide a little more info as to if you have a forced hot water system or forced hot air system---you mention a "furnace" which implies a forced hot air system, and also mention a "coil replaced", which implies you have a forced hot water system (this would actually be a boiler, not a furnace). Oil equipment is going to be expensive to deal with until the supply catches up with demand---thus, I would do a fuel cost comparison (below) if you have access to propane in your area.

Sometimes the cost of propane equals or exceeds the cost of fuel oil, but everyone is in the same dilemma in the U.S. these days---you would have to contact your local propane dealer to get the price of a gallon of propane & compare that with your price of oil by using the charts below---no matter what the fuel, the charts show what you pay for 100,000 btu of useable heat, so it compares oranges with oranges.

Any new boiler or furnace will provide you with a 30% drop in fuel usage---there have been so many combustion chamber improvements over the past 20 years. A low-cost, efficient boiler/furnace that delivers 85% AFUE efficiency (85% useable heat, 15% goes up the chimney), will cost approx. $1300-$3k; a mid-range 3-pass boiler/furnace that delivers 86-89% AFUE will cost ~$4k-$5k; a top of the line boiler/furnace that is condensing, variable output that will deliver 92%-97% AFUE will cost ~$7k to $10k

This usually includes removal of the old unit & often a companion indirect-fired hot water tank. Get at least 4-6 estimates and quotes from local heating contractors & oil dealers---the amount of the quote and the choice of boiler/furnace will vary considerably.

To get the name of recommended boilers/furnaces, click onto my name to get past posts that have links to various boiler manufacturers. An excellent mfgr in your area is Slant/Fin, which has a 3-pass Eutectic boiler, but there are many others including Burnham, Dunkirk, Columbia, Crown, New Yorker, Nti, Peerless, Smith, Utica, & Weil-McLain.


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