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New hardwood floors

I just ripped up our runs to install a new (3/4") hardwood floor. After removing the rugs, I noticed 2 things I am not sure about. First, in one spot of the subfloor, there is a 1/2" gap between 2 of the sheets of plywood and one corner is maybe a 1/4" lower then the adjcent sheet. How do I prep this area?

Second, our pet (and the previous owners!) had some "accidents" in the room and you can see stains on the wood. How/should I treat the spot?

Thanks! Ian

Re: New hardwood floors

The attached images are teh gaps I mention in the previous post.

Re: New hardwood floors

For the height difference you should use floor leveler to even things out. Comes in a bag and is mixed with water to form a thick paste, can be applied with a drywall knife. For the gap, does the gap fall on a floor joist? If so, fill in the gap with the floor leveler (not too critical). If not, can you access the area under the subfloor? If so I would put a 2x4 under the subfloor to span the crack and add support.

You can use a bleach solution or go to a pet store to get a solution to wet down the pet spots. This is to get rid of the odor so the next pet doesn't feel the need to mark their territory at those spots.

I would also get a box of ring shank nails and go over your subfloor nailing to the joist any spots that seem even a little loose.

After all this is done, you will want to lay a layer of 15# felt before nailing down your hardwood floor. Make sure you leave about 1/2" gap around the perimeter for expansion.

Re: New hardwood floors

Excellent! Thank you very much!

Re: New hardwood floors

Agreed on the screws! You just have to be sure to get the heads to sink into the subfloor so they are not "proud" and leave a spot for the hardwood to rock & roll on. The nails are a little easier to get flat with the subfloor and the ring shanks won't get loose and pull out.

Re: New hardwood floors

Most all of the floor leelers I have found are concrete based. Will this cause any issues securing the new wood floor to the subfloor? Can I use the floor staples, or should I glue the floor where I had to use the leveler?


Re: New hardwood floors

I hate to disagree, but a ¼" height difference between two sheets suggests an underlying problem that should be checked out. The ½"gap between sheets should be no problem if they are fully bridged by the new flooring.

M He Sapa
Re: New hardwood floors

Rather than soaking a pet stained area in bleach, I would first try Nature's Miracle, an enymatic cleaner which will not be so destructive to your floor, and also smell better. No connection to that company other than using its product. best, M

Re: New hardwood floors

Nature's Miracle was actually want I did end up using. I found it in our local pet store. The folks there also highly recommended it.


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