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New hardware on an old door

:confused:Friend of mine bought a old house. The front door is old in fact maybe original to the house. say 1940's someone removed the old door handle and lock from the door drilled another hole and put in a deadbolt. He would like to put something like the old door handle back but has not been able to find that size. Even went to a old house rehab store and came back empty handed. anyone have a clue as to fill in the hole. I think he would have to replace the wood on the entire side of the door but who knows. any answers?

Re: New hardware on an old door

check your local yellow pages for specialty hardware suppliers, they will either have hardware in stock or have catalogues which they can order what you are looking for.. otherwise then yes you will have to fill the door. make the void a even square space and make a patch that will fit it snug, use lots of glue and clamps once thats setup sand the plug flush and then fill any small voids with wood filler. if its going to be painted autobody bondo will work wonders

Re: New hardware on an old door

You just need to watch more TV- The last episode of Ask TOH covered this exact scenario. I differ with Tom on filling the old bore holes; I use a 2 1/4 holesaw to make plugs, sand them to size on a bolt chucked into a drill, then glue them in with gorilla glue. When dry plane and sand flush. Easier, faster, and stronger since you're keeping as much of the original wood as is possible plus it's all wood so it expands and contracts together- something his loose fancy adjustable plastic plug can't do.

A. Spruce
Re: New hardware on an old door

Look up VanDykes Restoration on the net, they've got all kinds of retro and hard to find hardware.

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