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New gutters installed though drip edge

I just had a roof replacement due to some hail damage earlier this year and the contractors have just finished installing the gutters. I'm a little concerned about how they installed them. The new roof came with a new drip edge that appears to have been installed correctly, but when they installed the gutters they ran the hangers right though the drip edge.

They also appear to have left a bunch of open screw holes. I called around and about half the gutter companies say this is how they do it and the other half say this shouldn't be done. Is this likely to cause issues in the future or am I just being paranoid?

Re: New gutters installed though drip edge

Many gutter installers remove the drip edge which I personally believe is wrong. The wood under the drip edge is usually not painted so you have water splashing onto bare wood. As long as the screws go into the ends of the rafter tails, it looks like a good installation.

A. Spruce
Re: New gutters installed though drip edge

That is the common installation method, most installers figure that if it ain't leaking when they leave, that's good enough. From the picture you posted, the fasteners look ok, while a few are a bit low in the channel, it isn't too worrisome. You will want to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris, and the downspouts in good working order and you will not have any leak problems. If the gutters become plugged, then the water level will be up around and over those screws, inviting leaks.

Re: New gutters installed though drip edge

Thanks everyone for the comments! The original contractor sent out another gutter installation company to do an inspection of the previous work at my request. They recommended replacing the machine and wood screws that were used with neoprene washer screws, so I'm going to go with that. Hopefully they'll hold up a little better over time.

I was planning on trying one of those gutter guard products around the downspouts in an effort to keep leaves out of there... the maple tree next door tends to drop leaves that are just big enough to clog the spouts even when the rest of the gutter is spotless.

Re: New gutters installed though drip edge

That installation looks OK to me. I'm currently painting a house where the gutter corners all have leaked leaving me rotted wood to repair :( I'd look carefully at every joint to be sure they're all sealed properly, and do seal any holes on the house side of the gutter no matter how high they are. IMHO gutter guards should be a complete coverage and allow for easy cleaning. The smooth plastic ones seem to work better than the expanded mesh aluminum ones but my favorite is the hinged aluminum type because they're so easy to open and clean. Regular cleaning is still needed especially with a new roof where you'll get a lot of shingle pebbles which should be flushed out. Guards reduce, not eliminate, the needed maintenance and inspection. The downspout guards will keep the spouts open but will need regular clearing; you're only moving the place where the clog will happen.


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