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new grout cracking

New tile on bathroom floor & shower has hairline cracks & small pin-holes in the grout. The tile work is not complete. I believe the installer used too much adhesive because it oozed up between the tiles and I don't think it was cleaned out before grouting. Could this be the reason for the cracks in the grout? Is removing the grout & regrouting my only alternative? Thanks for any advice.

Re: new grout cracking

It could be that or it could be the floor has too much deflection for a tile floor.

Here is a very good reference site for all things tile related...


Click on the tile advice forums button on the left side of the screen.

Ron remodeler
Re: new grout cracking

Pin holes in the grout could be air bubbles.
Too wet of a grout I suspect when applied.

I would scrape it out. Thin set does occasionally squeeze through during application but should be cleaned out before grouting.

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