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New front door opening in load bearing wall

Hi and greetings from the UK.

I need to create a new front door in an external load bearing wall which is constructed from breeze blocks with render over.
I know I will need a lintel, but I know nothing about cutting holes in walls, putting in lintels, door sets etc.

In a word...HELP!

All advice welcome, nothing is too simple so please treat me as if I know very little, no offence will be taken!

Thanks all.

Re: New front door opening in load bearing wall

If you are that uncertain as to what needs done, you should probably get some prices from contractors. It's not a hard job if you know what to do, but if you don't know you could get into trouble. For instance, what material are the walls made of, what is the wall thickness, what type of door do you want to install, do you have the correct tools to do the job yourself? You need a hammer, circular saw, sawzall, is there any wiring or pipes to contend with, jacks, 2x4's to sure up the ceiling until the lintel is in place, short scaffel, tape measure, maybe a sledgehammer. What kind of trim are you going to use? If you can pull all this together you can probably DIY, otherwise talk to some contractors.

Calcats ;)

Re: New front door opening in load bearing wall

Yep, the man from Eden said it all. Fool around with a bearing wall on the outside of the building and you may have a problem with many faces, staring at you.

Good Luck.

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