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New flooring - What to do about the dishwasher?

I am planning on installing a new wide pine floor in my kitchen, dinning room and entry way... Concerned that my dishwasher has no height adjustment to add the flooring under it and still fit in the current space. If I install the new flooring directly over the current flooring up to the dishwasher the new flooring will be 3/4" higher and will not allow the dishwasher to be serviced should something happen to it.

I'm looking for suggestions (other then buy a new & shorter dishwasher) for dealing with my situation.

Thank you,

Re: New flooring - What to do about the dishwasher?

Are you sure that there's no room for more flooring under your dishwasher. I thought so too when I removed my old non working dishwasher and put in another one. It turned out a trim piece disguised the gap and my the old one rocked right out of there. I did have one snafu, the legs on the front wouldn't come up. I had to bend the brackets to get the dishwasher out.

Note: maybe you can trade your old dishwasher for another diswasher on Freebay or Freecycle?

Re: New flooring - What to do about the dishwasher?

I agree with Debbie. The toe plate hides the underneath and inside connections. Besides raising the countertop, I think the wide plank flooring is more valuable kichen comidity than an dishwasher. I would pull it out and for awhile hand wash your dishes. Then when you could afford a new one, if you even need one, go for it. But, it is better to have the flooring than an old dishwasher. Good luck. Process of elimination.

Re: New flooring - What to do about the dishwasher?

Thank you Debbie - I will dig a little further to see what I can see with a closer look ;-) And will have to check out the sites you suggested - I am not familiar with them.

Misfitter - I'm hoping the floor will become a very wonderful addition to our home and will consider your word about what's more important.

Thank you both for your insights...


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