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New faucets for 1950s sink?

My house was built in 1920, and I suspect the bathrooms were redone in the 1950s. They feature charmingly tacky colored porcelain fixtures, including this sink, with cross handled faucets. It’s all good, and I like the retro look, except that I live in California, where we have a huge drought occurring. I have taken the faucets apart and replaced all the rings and packing, and, yet, they still leak like anything. I do not want to jettison my nifty sinks (I actually have three of them, all in different colors), but I want to quit wasting water. I’m thinking the thing to do is buy new faucets, but I’m worried about whether they will fit on my old sink. I was speculating about whether wall-mount faucets would work- does anyone have any advice for a successful resolution to this problem?

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Re: New faucets for 1950s sink?

You might only need new seats in yours. Can't see from here and so can't say for sure.

Or........deabath.com may have what you need.


Note that the shelf-back unit can be altered for holes wider than 6".....which it appears yours are.

Also see here - http://www.deabath.com/Obsolete_stems/obsolete_stems.htm

These may be all you need....or they may not fit your units at all. Impossible to say from here. (Ooops. Those are shower & tub stems. Never mind. )

If you're not sure.....I'd email them your pics and description and see what they say. And/or give them a call and email them the pics.

A salvage house may have what you need also.

Re: New faucets for 1950s sink?

I'm with Goldie on trying new seats first.

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