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New Episodes January 2010

New episodes for Roxbury will start airing in January of 2010. Wow, 7 months before we get a new episode. Am I missing something or was that a typo?

Re: New Episodes January 2010

Betcha we are talking budget issues. Fewer dollars probably mean fewer episodes. Perhaps only one project a year? :confused: Would be nice to see the producers weigh in here. Inquiring minds of long-time TV and Web-cam watchers want to know.

Looking forward to Roxbury Web-cam coverage this spring and summer! :D


Re: New Episodes January 2010

They have always started the new season in January.

Re: New Episodes January 2010

I believe the Weston project began the first week in October in western PA/eastern Ohio. The NYC project began in January (or maybe it was February)..and I suppose you could consider that the first project of 2009!!

Re: New Episodes January 2010

Almost all new season TOH projects as far as I remember began airing in early Fall. However, I must admit (and I say this disappointingly), that I believe TOH has finally jumped the shark and may not be around much longer. I think it's a combination of a few things...

1) Lack of new and interesting projects
2) Over emphasis on going "green" all the while (hypocritically) building bigger...i.e. Weston
3) Only millionaire homeowners may apply
4) Too corporate
5) Never-ending PBS fundraising
6) Only the most expensive products are used

Don't get me wrong, the crew is great, and I've equally liked Bob, Steve, and Kevin. Plus the economics of putting out a show like this have changed over the years and TOH simply had to do what it had to do. However, as a typical homeowner, the show just doesn't hold my interest like it used to. Ask TOH helped a bit, but I do think the end is near. :(

Re: New Episodes January 2010

I read that there will be two projects in the Boston area.
The Roxbury Project airing in Jan 2010 and another project to be named soon airing this fall in October, when it has always started...

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Re: New Episodes January 2010

TOH has not 'jumped the shark' as you put it.
The latest two series prove this point as they are back to basics again.
I welcome this and hope the producers are on the right track again.

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