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New Carpet Install Cut Short at Door Jamb

Hello Everyone-

I have a small room off of my garage which is raised up a good 4+ inches from the level of the garage. I am finishing this room, and the only part I had someone come out for was to install the carpet.

It is my own fault for not saying something up front, but they did not bring the carpet all the way through the door jamb to the edge of the concrete floor where the step down into the garage is. Instead they cut the carpet in the middle of the jamb right under where the door closes.

Everything looks great, except I am left with a chunk of the original vinyl floor covering the rest of the doorway.

So, 2 questions...

1. Is what they did the correct way to finish the carpet given my description above? At least, is it a common way to do things?
2. Does anyone have a recommendation as to how I might cover this remaining vinyl? I don't necessarily need to have carpet run all the way to the edge, though I suppose that is one option (to rip out the terminator they put in the jamb, add a new chunk of carpet and pad and seam it in the middle of the jamb). Maybe a very wide threshold? Something else I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance.

A. Spruce
Re: New Carpet Install Cut Short at Door Jamb

In this case there is no "right" or "wrong" way to have done the threshold. What should have happened is the installer should have asked how you wanted the carpet terminated and/or you should have been clear on that during the installation.

Ideas to correct the problem:

  1. Leave it as is and cut/remove the vinyl peaking out. To finish the area, apply paint.
  2. Add carpet to carry through the door as you desire.
  3. Cut the carpet back to the front of the jamb and install a wood or metal threshold through the doorway.
Re: New Carpet Install Cut Short at Door Jamb

Thanks for your reply. I removed the threshold they put in place, cleaned up that cut edge, cut a new piece of carpet to fill the door jamb, and am in the process of finishing it as I'd like. It's coming out great so far, and I expect when I'm finished you won't be able to tell there is a seam.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

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