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New Career

My career as an elevator constructor in nyc is winding down and I want to pursue my life passion in wood working when I retire. I will be eligible to retire at age 55 6 months from now. Unfortunately with economy the way it is and prices so high I need to supplement pension. I would love to get into wood working field building furniture or cabinets or whatever the market desires. Whether it be buying my own shop or working in an existing shop to learn this craft that makes me happy. If there is anyone out here with a shop and a need for a good man with an impeccable work ethic let me know or anyone with similar situation lets chat.

Re: New Career

You may want to look into Timber Framing.
Take a course
Not many framers at this time.

Re: New Career

Are you sure you want to quit elevator installation? It's one of the best trades.

But if you have to follow your heart, I understand.

Re: New Career

As much as I love woodworking, there is little money in it unless you do custom work or have a lot of inherent design and build talent. Moreso if you don't already have the equipment needed- and it's value on resale is much like new cars so getting out is just as costly as getting in. Decent materials cost a bundle and building nice stuff takes a lot of time so unless you're already there I'd recommend against starting now.

Save this for a hobby and use the skills you have now to augment your income. Maybe sales, servicing, or inspecting elevators will give you something to work with without taxing the aging body. Your knowledge might be sale-able via consulting since you already know the local elevator scene as good as or better than anyone else. Or maybe you can combine these two doing custom elevator interiors (I've seen some very nice ones).

My own retirement plan includes building doghouses, mainly because I know where to sell them on consignment and outright, I can make whatever the customer wants, but mostly because I can get most of the needed materials for free. Without the last part I'd not even try because there would be no profit in it then. Anything more complex or involved would equal the work I am doing now making the pursuit meaningless.


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