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New Biasi B10-4 installed, Circulator question..

First of all, I want to thank those that helped me out deciding between the B3 and the B4. My local heating/cleaning tech who also sells and services Biasi confirmed that the B4 was the size for our house. My set-up includes the outdoor reset with the Taco PC702 along with the Taco SR 504 EXP 4 zone switching relay. I now have 4 adjustable Grundfos circulators, 3 for heatings zones and 1 for our Super Stor,water tank. While we are a good week from putting even the slightest bit of heat on, I do have a circulator question. Each one is adjustable with a Low/Med/High flow setting or anywhere in between. I forgot to ask the guy...but what are the advantages or disadvantage of any of the settings? Currently,they are all set to medium. Forgot to mention, I have the Riello 40 F3 Burner and boy...is the whole set-up quiet! Thanks, Bill **Actually, the burner and boiler is ultra quiet, BUT the exhaust pipe (Roar) is on the loud side. I can't really describe the sound other than the roar of hot air. Any other sound is minimal. Its loud enough that I want to wrap the exhaust pipe in something.

Re: New Biasi B10-4 installed, Circulator question..

Congratulations on your new Biasi!

They have a good reputation, so good luck with it.

Perhaps you could point out the problem with the exhaust pipe to the installer & make sure he's putting in the right diameter flue pipe (and not one of insufficient diameter).

The Grundfos pumps are generally set at the lowest setting to start when the system is up and running.

This saves elec. usage costs.

If a zone or run of pipe is exceptionally long, or insufficient heat is coming out of the convectors, the setting is increased to circulate more hot water at faster speeds.

Re: New Biasi B10-4 installed, Circulator question..

Thanks NT! The exhaust pipe is a 6"...I will ask the installer today. What are your thoughts on wrapping the pipe? That would reduce practically all of the loudness. If I can ask a second question regarding set-back thermostats. I have 3 thermostats that overnight drop the temp down from a setting of 69 down to 58..but my question has to do with adjusting the "swing settings" during normal operation. The default setting is "4" (4= approx,+- 1F.)(Your system should cycle on about 3-6 times per hour. Smaller swing increases the number of cycles=temp is more constant. Larger swing decreases the number of cycles=save energy in most cases...)I want the rooms comfortable but I want to save energy, What setting do you folks suggest?

Re: New Biasi B10-4 installed, Circulator question..

boston fan,

Great photos. The flue pipe is large enough.

Excessive noise is usually caused by a draft inducer, although I don't see one in the photos, either placed in the flue near the boiler or where the flue exits the building.

Is the flue going into a chimney, or into a side vent with a draft inducer??

I would concentrate on having the installer address THAT before attempting any noise reduction with insulation.

Can you post the model and make of the t-stats, and have you read over the t-stat instructions to see if they explain the swing setting options for normal operation??

Re: New Biasi B10-4 installed, Circulator question..

Thanks NT! No, I don't have a draft inducer, The exhaust goes up as part of a chimney. My T-stats are LUX TX9000 series. They state:"Swing between 1-9 (4=approx. +- 1F) The default setting is 4. I guess my question would be, If 4 equals +- 1 degree..what the heck is setting 1,2,3? Bill

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