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New bath toilet/new line constantly stops up

I recently added a new bath with all new lines which passed inspections. This new toilet is rarely used as it is in a handicapped bathroom whose user has a roll-in shower/toilet chair. I can't understand why this toilet stops up constantly. I've been able to put an auger through about 6' then it hits something solid and nothing comes out when I remove it. I live in LA and am hooked to city lines (no septic tank). Is there anything else I can try before I call a plumber? I am hoping there is no construction debris down the line...thanks

Re: New bath toilet/new line constantly stops up

Sounds to me like you may have something stuck down there possibly being construction debris. You could also be hitting an elbow too. Do you have access to it in the basement or is it in a closed off space? If you have access you may be able to tell weather you are hitting a elbow or something like that. If it is not an elbow and something is stuck in the line and the snake can't get it you could cut out the section of pipe where the obstruction is and then use a coupling to put it back together. If you are not comfortable doing this you would want to get a plumber in there to help you out. They may have a snake that is more heavy duty than yours but if you are really hitting something solid you really would want to get it out of there not just force it further down the line. Hope this helps you out.


Re: New bath toilet/new line constantly stops up

The post above has some good advice. If the plumbing is under a slab, then you should try finding a plumber that has a snake with a fiber optic cable or camera on the end so that it can see the obstruction. They have used one of these on the TOH show a couple of times.

If this toilet is lower than the rest of your toilets, then your problem could be a lot further downstream. You could have a very slow drain due to an obstruction like tree roots but doesn't affect things at a higher level because the pipes act like a holding tank giving it time to drain.

Re: New bath toilet/new line constantly stops up

Thanks...I'm on a slab so I guess a fiber look see is in order. Since lines are new and there are no trees in the immediate area, I also suspect construction debris or something else...thanks for the advice...:)

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