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New air conditioner installed

My sister n law had a new outside unit installed on her air conditioning system.She is experiencing a whistling sound through the vents.She contacted the installer but was told there was no problem with the unit and could not tell her what the problem was.Anyone have a suggestion?I have an idea that it is a sir leak in the tubing somewhere.Thanks

Re: New air conditioner installed

Did the whistle sound appear after the new unit was installed, or was it whistling before too?

It may not be connected to the new unit.

If you can get into the attic, check all vent connectors and replace or add duct tape (or alum foil tape) where necessary to stop possible air leaks.

Re: New air conditioner installed

If the outdoor compressor was replaced it wouldn't cause any issue with the ducts and vents --- that's an air velocity issue. Either from the air handler ( blower ) or some sort of obstruction in the duct work.

Re: New air conditioner installed

Hey Guys,
I went to the house and listened for myself.I have found that when the filter is moved slighly away from the frame at the top edge,the whisle stops.I also notice the air intake puts quite a bit of pull on the filter,causing it to bow somewhat when the unit is on.Could it be that the blower is too strong causing the filter to bow and leaving a space on the edge causing the whistle.I f this is the case does that mean the blower is to strong and can it be slowed down with out replacing the blower.

Re: New air conditioner installed

Try a more rigid air filter, like the one with a better frame around it or the plastic kind that you just rinse to clean. It might cost more, but give it a shot.

Another trick is to place weights (or bricks) around the filter to keep it in place.

Re: New air conditioner installed

Fans can be wired or controlled to have more than one speed. I don't see how replacing the outside unit only would have changed the fan speed. Was the thermostat replaced at the same time?
Try a new filter and be sure it's installed properly. A dirty filter will create more air flow resistance.

Re: New air conditioner installed

Do you have a split system (with fan moving room air inside) or a package unit with room air being moved by the outside unit?

If it's a package unit the new outside unit may have an air handler fan that is too large for your ductwork.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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